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"Writing for themselves has definitely brought the fans closer to them, as the tours have been selling quick. Every venue packed to the brim when they’re playing,"

"Being in control is difficult in this industry, and it can end up feeling unbelievable at moments when making it big. However, despite how much it seems, it’s “not really unreal” to the guys,"

Sunderland indie rock outfit Jarpsy are in their stride, with their third single 'For the Record' slated to drop on Friday 17th April on all platforms via their own Jarpdog Records. This rides on the back of the landmark success of Jarpsy's debut single 'Hammerhead', their super-hot sophomore release 'It'll Be Alright', and their 6-track explosion onto the scene - 'The Come-Up'. Jarpsy's signature swagger and energy comes as no surprise to long-term fans and those who do a little digging. Their close ties and working relationship with Australian giants Sticky Fingers undoubtably play into this, as Jarpsy have been all but "taken under the wing," by guitarist Seamus Coyle and keys man Freddy Crabs. Their link with Brighton-based indie mainstays Will and the People and Aussie rockers The Delta Riggs also goes some way towards explaining their unrivalled work ethic and appreciation of their fanbase.

Jarpsy are, as any North-East gig-goer can attest, a 'tight' band - in every sense of the word. As tight as four lifelong best mates can be. Tight in their performances. Their tunes and signature songwriting style wrapped up in a tight little bow.  Despite their passion and penchant for bringing their music to the masses in a live capacity, Jarpsy's studio releases are as true to that live feeling as can be. Recorded at Blast Studios, Newcastle, 'For the Record' encapsulates the anthemic sound that Jarpsy have always strived for, distilling that essence into a concentrated brew of arms-in-the-air, singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs rock and roll. Every second of the track is dripping with the energy and focus with which Jarpsy approach every undertaking they throw themselves at. Each strike of the drums is delivered with an effortlessly slick swagger. Every booming note of the bass assaults the listener with a level-headed cool. Each strum of both guitars reveals an unchallengeable passion. Every note sung in the chorus "gang vocals"lay bare the desire and drive Jarpsy give off.

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, Jarpsy remain determined to bring their music to people as and when it is performed. They are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that their gigs pick up where they left off as soon as possible. In the meantime, the boys remain optimistic, and are figuring ways to support this single while in isolation.

For more information, please email contact@jarpsy.com or call/text Chris on +447794510713