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About Jarpsy

Jarpsy are a four-piece indie alt-rock band from the North-East of England, whose wild gigs and eclectic songwriting have led them to be rightfully recognised among the hottest up-and-comers of the UK underground scene. In addition to their solid base of arms-in-the-air indie rock and roll, Jarpsy's recent releases, as well as their vast cache of unreleased material, has caused the band to warmly embrace the label of 'alternative', and the creative freedom that comes with it. From psychedelia to electronica, hard rock to synth-pop Jarpsy's wide-ranging sound is matched only by the extensiveness of their influences.

Jack "Shorty" Johnson

Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar


Chris Macknight

Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Riff slinga, jaw swinga.

Tom O'Donnell

Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Straight-handed back-and-forth bass botherer.


Gary Keep


Bad teeth. Bad skin. Bad attitude.

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