Jarpsy are a four-piece indie rock band from the North-East of England/Sunderland who fuel their fire with every influence imaginable - from Strokes to Sinatra, The Beatles to The Enemy - and forge their unique, distinctive sound in the flames. Their effortless punch, energy, and swagger have made their ascent to being one of the hottest underground properties on the circuit a meteoric one, more than earning their reputation as purveyors of the loudest, bounciest and sweatiest gigs to come from the North-East in a generation.

Since the genesis of the band with 2018's six-track EP 'The Come-Up', Jarpsy have progressed and developed in every imaginable way. The level of polish applied to everything, even those same EP tracks, has since become impeccable, and their slicker songwriting style came to a head with debut single and fan-favourite 'Hammerhead', and super-hot sophomore single 'For the Record'. Jarpsy's back-catalogue is set to be further bolstered in late 2021 and throughout 2022, with the announcement of a single, a double single, and a brand new six-track EP, giving their quickly gathering cult following a new set of songs to scream at the top of their lungs.

Despite their recording efforts, Jarpsy pride themselves on being a gigging and festival band . There is simply no better way to experience the Sunderland rockers than in the midst of a crowd of people, singing your heart out with a drink in your hand, a fact to which audiences the length and breadth of the UK can attest - everywhere from Newcastle's Cluny to Soho's Spice of Life. Jarpsy started on the lesser-known festival circuit, but exploded into the major festival scene with a noteworthy set on the Discovery Stage at Hardwick Live in 2019. Despite being complete newcomers to the festival and lacking the big-name pull of other acts and the stage that day (Bloxx, Sports Team) the boys managed to go from a few stragglers from the previous set, to a crowd of over 600 people who they drew in with only their powerful sound.

"We don’t need a fucking horn section or a trombone solo. We don’t need a gimmick to be mint."
"It seems that [Jarpsy] are focused on performing and keeping their sets fresh and exciting for themselves and the fans," - Discovered Magazine


Shorty Johnson

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Chris Macknight

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Tom O'Donnell

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Gary Keep

Drums, Other Percussion