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After nearly six months of anticipation, Sunderland indie alt-rockers Jarpsy are finally set to drop their next single, Green. Born out of a place of frustration from guitarist Chris Macknight, Green started as a laid-back-but-emotional acoustic number. However, taking advice from frontman Jack ‘Shorty’ Johnson, it evolved into a grungy festival anthem of pure energy, carried by the bass prowess of Tom O’Donnell and the smash-grooves of Gary Keep. This song follows up on previous release ‘Desolate Towns’, with Jarpsy flexing their ’alternative’ muscles to their fullest, strongest extent: full of the unabashed, full-frontal sound Jarpsy have carved out a reputation for. Having been already tried and tested in the proving ground that is the Jarpsy live set, ‘Green’ boasts a chorus worthy of being screamed by endless gig and festival-goers, and bolsters the Mackem rockers reputation as one of the hottest up-and-comers on the tip of every industry tongue.

Jarpsy are, as any North-East gig-goer can attest, a 'tight' band - in every sense of the word. As tight as four lifelong best mates can be. Tight in their performances. Their tunes and signature songwriting style wrapped up in a tight little bow.  Despite their passion and penchant for bringing their music to the masses in a live capacity, Jarpsy's studio releases are as true to that live feeling as can be. Recorded at Loft Studios, Newcastle, 'Desolate Towns' encapsulates the anthemic sound that Jarpsy have always strived for, distilling that essence into a concentrated brew of arms-in-the-air, singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs rock and roll. Every second of the track is dripping with the energy and focus with which Jarpsy approach every undertaking they throw themselves at. Each strike of the drums is delivered with an effortlessly slick swagger. Every booming note of the bass assaults the listener with a level-headed cool. Each strum of both guitars reveals an unchallengeable passion. Every note sung in the chorus "gang vocals" lays bare the desire and drive Jarpsy give off.

For more information, please email or call/text Chris on +447794510713